Villiers points cover (new casting) 2T 9E + 37A £10

Villiers kickstart spring £7.50  Spring cover £7.50                   Fits 9E/A series/2T (3 sizes)

New old stock springs from £5

Villiers slimline flywheel cover 9E/37A still fits electrex ignition £35

Clutch holding tool 9E/37A/2T or Greeves Challenger  £8

Villiers (Surflex competition)clutch plates £35

Gasket sets from £15

Villiers primary weight-ideal for use with electronic ignition-improved throttle control/softer power! OUT OF STOCK

Villiers points 9E/A series/2T £12.50

Villiers crankshaft stuffers £12.50

Villiers 2T polished airfilter cover £45   foam filter supplied separately £12.50   (standard filter does not fit!)