MP handlebar clamp set £25

Armstrong fork top nut + washer (plated) £30 set

Top shocker bolts (stainless) inc. nuts          £10 each

Pivot bolts + nuts (stainless) £10 each 

Pivot bronze bush set(not shown)                 £20

 High quality 5/8" taper bearing kits to fit 1966-75 Cotton   £40 pair

Silentbloc bushes    Armstrong fork £15     Cotton swinging arm  £22 each

Brake shoes Cub £20  Grimeca £25  BHC 1"+1"1/8" 


Trials No Plate   yellow or black £6

Armstrong fork handlebar clamp set  £20

Cables from £10

Armstrong stem bolt (steel+plated) £27.50      Please state taper or ball bearing

Trials footrest kits £25

MP fork stem bolt (steel+plated)  heavy duty designed for use with works aluminium top yoke  £25 (sleeve nut £5)